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Science After Dark 2014-2015

Published on July 27, 2014, by

Join us this year for Science After Dark! Mark your calendars ASAP; here’s the preliminary schedule for 2014-2015:

September 10, 6:30pm, Lego Derby, Marie Callender’s, 2131 Price St., Pismo Beach, $5, Small groups design model based on theme to include lego derby car to race on official pinewood derby track provided by SLO MakerSpace. Wheels and axles provided.

October 8, 6:30pm, Bio-Medical Engineering, Cal Poly professor Robert Crockett, PhD, Luis Wine Bar, 1021 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, $5

November 12, 6:30pm, Science of Wine & Cheese, Cal Poly professors Rafael Jimenez-Flores, PhD and Marianne Wolf, PhD, Luis Wine Bar, 1021 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, $5

December 10, 6pm, Science of Radiation Therapy, Case Ketting, MD and Kenneth Reg, Therapist, located at and free, light dinner provided by Mission Hope Cancer Center, 1325 E. Church St., Santa Maria

January 14, TBD

February 11, 6:30pm, Science and Romance of Diamonds, Jamie Foster, Gemologist, Scotty’s Bar and Grill, 750 Price St., Pismo Beach, TBD, Choice of entrée dinner, reservation required, pay in advance

March 11, TBD

April 8, 6:30pm, Science of Bio-Technology and tissue engineering, Jennifer Zihla, Lab Research Associate, Luis Wine Bar, 1021 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, $5

May 13, 6:30pm, Citizen Astronomy, Cal Poly professor John Keller, PhD, Luis Wine Bar, 1021 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, $5

June 10, 6:30pm, A Year in the Life of a Shark – Marine Science, TBD, SLO Children’s Museum, 1010 Nipomo St., SLO, $5, Includes audience presentations, family, children oriented.


Central Coast New Tech High School (PG&E article/video)

Published on July 25, 2014, by

Two years ago, PG&E President Chris Johns joined school officials in breaking ground for Central Coast New Tech High School.

It was little more than a vacant dirt lot in the San Luis Obispo County city of Nipomo at the time. But, armed with a $250,000 PG&E grant, there were big plans for an innovative center for learning.

Student Ross Kesselring said the hands-on learning at New Tech High school keeps him interested.

Today, the New Tech campus — in the Lucia Mar Unified School District — is bustling with activity. And any one of the roughly 200 students will tell you their school — with its focus on hands-on learning using cutting-edge technology — is the best.

“At a traditional school, the focus is only on how much the student knows about a subject, while here, we focus on getting skills while working on a project,” said Ross Kesselring, a student at the school.

See the PG&E Currents article for more information and a video.



Published on July 23, 2014, by

Goal: computer science taught in every K-12 school in the US. Their vision is that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer programming. They believe computer science should be part of the core curriculum in education, alongside other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses, such as biology, physics, chemistry and algebra.

Give it a whirl. Take their “Hour of Code”(tm) course. Then go beyond. Code.org’s K-8 Intro to Computer Science course is a ~20 hour series of tutorials and activities, designed for any educator to host in a classroom, after-school activity, or even in a club outside of school or online at home.

And they have ways to learn coding without a computer!

Code.org is a non-profit dedicated to growing computer science education. All their curriculum resources and tutorials are free to use under a Creative Commons license, and their technology is developed as an open source project.

Check it out: Code.org


Saturday Science at the Fair

Published on July 15, 2014, by

Saturday-ScientistSaturday, July 19th, 1:00 PM
Ponderosa Pavillion
(AG/Hort Building)
Paso Robles Mid State Fair

Explore the World of Nature’s Clothing. An activity for all ages and families.

Examine and discover forms, functions, shapes & surfaces.

View critters and coverings with magnifiers and tiny microscopes. We’ll examine things that slither, swim, and sparkle.

Join us and be a scientist for a day.


Science 4 Girls Camp, at the Exploration Station in Grover Beach

Published on July 10, 2014, by

August 4-8, 10-12pm
Ages 8-12
Exploration Station, Grover Beach, CA

This camp is meant to inspire girls to explore their universe and will be taught by women who are experts in their fields of STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math). We have mentors in biology, chemistry, materials engineering, technology and horticulture. Explore with a different mentor each day, do a hands-on project, and your child will finish the week inspired and enthusiastic about what possibilities her future can hold. Contact us at youth@explorationstation.org to register. Space is limited.