The Central Coast STEM Collaborative focuses on what Central Coast communities and businesses should and can do to bolster and enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in K-12 schools. In today’s highly challenging world of increasing foreign competition, America’s, California’s and the Central Coast’s educational systems are reeling from major financial cuts, resulting in damaging reductions in teachers, classes and important STEM educational content. This is a critical situation for our nation, a major crisis looming for America’s future economy and security.

This Collaborative consists of professionals, business leaders, non-profits, STEM education organizations, and education, community and governmental leaders discussing the condition of K-12 STEM education on the Central Coast and developing a collaboration network to pursue grants, enhanced STEM education opportunities and experiences for children, and increased professional development training for STEM teachers from Paso Robles to Santa Barbara.

Due to the lack of sufficient STEM education, Americans are facing very difficult times ahead in our state’s and nation’s educational system and business. For all practical purposes, STEM education does not exist in elementary school, which is precisely where there should be very strong, exciting and fun STEM education for the very young, impressionable minds, energizing them to want more. STEM education in grade’s 7 through 12 needs serious bolstering. And, Central Coast families and children need more after-school, weekend and summer hands-on STEM camp experiences. Communities must begin taking strong and effective action, NOW, to face this crisis head-on, taking responsibility for what our state and schools are being increasingly hard pressed to do. The time has come for communities to work together in forging our nation’s future through rigorous STEM education.